I ordered a cutlery set with verses by Sjörövarfabbe on the knife blade and an Anchor on the large spoons. Fork and teaspoon with Kleberg design logo. I gave the cutlery set away at a naming ceremony and the parents were fantastically happy and the other guests very impressed. A great gift to give away. They started setting the table with the cutlery immediately😃


Today at the post office, I picked up the two cutlery with Tourdion that I ordered during Medieval Week. They are truly wonderful! I am very pleased! Stylish cutlery, beautiful sleeves, good and personal service! Really recommended


I’m very pleased with both the product and the delivery time. Thank you!


A great looking knife with a story, such a nice gift from our daughter. And it works really good to cut the cheese too 🙂 It’s also a great pice to start a conversation when serving the snacks.