Music and Videos

I have chosen some of my absolute favorite tunes and musical pieces for my designs and have played them for many years in different forms and ensembles. I therefor also caught myself singing or humming on every piece of music while etching the designs. You could say that I infuse the melody into the design I am currently making. I therefore decided to record every design and also make a video for you to watch and listen to. You can now listen to every Kleberg Design and I will keep on doing this on every new design that I make in the future.

While making the arrangements I wanted to play them like I would have liked hearing them and also make them as entertaining as possible. Keep in mind that we don´t really know exactly how they was played and that there are countless different arrangements of these songs. These are my version and I really hope that you like them and that they give people some value, but I also encourage you to listen to other musicians with the same piece of music to see how they interpret them.

All the best

Piæ Cantiones


Cantigas de Santa Maria

Llibre Vermell de Montserrat

The Wellerman

Mensural Notation