Nickel Silver Care

How to care for your Nickel Silver – Kleberg Design items:

Nickel silver naturally takes on a blackish tarnish over time in reaction with air. This is common for many different metals such as regular silver och copper. When you receive your Kleberg Design item it may have black tarnish spots if it’s spent a long time in transit (though we do our best to prevent this) – these are easily removed!

Do not use a dishwasher to clean your nickel silver. Always wash them by hand with warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth. It is the best home remedy. This method should remove any unwanted particles  from your item after use. 

For darker stains, you can use the baking soda and water method. Most households have baking soda, as it is used in food and for cleaning purposes frequently. Making a paste out of it is the most natural home remedy. Place the baking soda in a plastic container. You can reuse ice-cream containers for this task. Add enough water to make the paste. Create a paste of 1:1 water and baking soda ratio and apply it to the item you wish to clean. Rub the paste in continuous motion on textured areas using a soft microfiber cloth. This will work great at cleaning those hard to reach areas without any damage. After that, wash the item with warm water and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth to see the shine. 

Another solution for cleaning nickel silver is to use commercial cleaning polish. Follow the instructions given by the brand to avoid damage to the valuable item. Remember to wear cleaning gloves before working with these cleaning agents. They can contain chemicals that can irritate your skin. 

If you’ve got a tough stained item, Kleberg Design can absolutely help you with this as well if you send your items to me for professional polishing. If you don’t feel comfortable working with cleaning liquids, then you can also choose to use a polishing cloth. These are safe to clean nickel silver and are easy to use. You can for example use a professional nickel finish polishing cloths to polish your precious items. These products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and will not harm the metal while removing mild tarnish from nickel silver. 

Please keep in mind that all items in this shop are completely handmade, and therefore some small imperfections may be present. Hopefully, you will, as we do, see any small imperfection as part of what makes a personally hand-made item unique. After all, we are, none of us, perfect.